You have booked a portrait session. Yay! I have been doing portraits for going on 3 years now and I have seen it all.  Here are my thoughts on preparing for your session, tips of outfit choices and some basic Do's and Dont’s!




  1. Make sure you don't have chipped nail polish!

  2. If you are planning to shave, do it the day before! No need for irritated skin in your portraits.

  3. Speaking of skin, MOISTURIZE and be gentle to your skin. It is easy to edit out small blemishes but becomes harder if your skin is dry   or irritated.

  4. Think of hiring a professional for your Hair + Makeup! Seriously. A small extra cost will help ensure you not only love your photos but are obsessed with them.   (Side note: If you have booked with me, I know a lot of talented artists. Email me for some recommendations!)

  5. This might sound silly but hear me out, brush your teeth before your session. Nothing is worse than feeling great, smiling wide and having a little something stuck in your teeth!

  6. Empty your pockets. Bring a bag for your items for storage! Don't want cellphones or keys in your pockets in your photos.

  7. If there is time in your session, I suggest bringing ONE outfit change! Good rule of thumb is having a casual option and a dressier option. That way you can have more variety.

  8. Be on time! Stress shows on your face and in your body language. If you are running late, I am sure you will be stressing over it. Also, session times are set when the sun is most optimal. If you arrive late, there will be less time to shoot!

  9. And MOST IMPORTANTLY, relax and have fun!


    •    Do not try to match! Matchy-matchy doesn't look good. Pick outfits and accessories that coordinate instead. If everyone is wearing the same colour, the photos will look flat and a bit boring. No fun!

    •    That being said, go for bold accessories! Scarves, necklaces, shoes, rings, etc.

    •    Stay away from neon colors. I am not saying hot pink or yellow, I am saying NEON. Neon colors are hard for digital cameras to read and can process weirdly. Trust me.

    •    Most patterns are okay but graphics including logos are a no no!  If you’re wearing a pattern, make sure it’s not overwhelming and distracting.

    •    Make sure you are comfortable. If you are not comfortable, in clothes that are too loose or too tight, it will show in the photos and on your face! If there are parts of your bodies that we are self conscious of, make sure your outfit doesn't bring attention to them! For example, if you don't like your arms, don't wear a strapless dress without a cardigan or something along those lines!


*If you have any specific questions or want to run your outfit by me, PLEASE email me! I am always here to help.*