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Had a great evening with my new friend Brooke! I asked her if she would like to get together for a free shoot so we could collaborate together as a team and build our portfolios online.

Here's what Brooke has to say about her journey:

"I’m a personal trainer that makes personalized workout plans for individuals whether it is in the gym or at home. Depending on their goals, wants and needs! I do multiple challenges throughout the year for groups of people. I am part of two great companies: SPINCO Halifax and Showtime Supplements in antigonish.

My goal is to reach as many as people as possible, and to show that literally ANYONE can achieve what they are looking for. I never thought I would ever be in the position I am today. Everything I have been through in the past couple of years has happened because I’ve hustled and haven’t taken no for an answer whenever I’ve wanted something. I started my fitness journey after my second year of university because I had gained 20lbs and disliked what I had seen in the mirror. Beginning my journey, I lost 15 lbs and had gained muscle throughout the process and decided that this is what I am passionate about. Everything that I did was so simple that literally anyone can do it, so that’s why I wanted to start my Instagram, youtube and personal workout plans/challenges in order to help others as well. Because everyone needs guidance and thats what I want to provide for the community around me!"

"My experience with Emily was actually perfect. I liked how easy and simple it was. If something didn’t look good, we just ignored it and combined our imaginations to come up with some sweet poses and it was so quick/easy and relaxed. She didn’t make me feel uncomfortable at all! And even when I thought that the picture was great, her editing process made it look SO amazing!!! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it blew me away. Soooo happy with the pictures!"

If you are interested in working hard on your fitness goals, she is definitely somebody I would recommend her!

Click here to check her out!

Brooke fit: Youtube

Brooke fit: Instagram

Thank you! x

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