A month ago, I put out a message asking for 6 models for a positivity project I was doing.  By the next day, I had over 80 messages in my inbox of women wanting to be apart of my vision.  Honestly, I was a little over whelmed with the responses I got... It always feels so weird picking through names on who I think would be a good fit for my projects. 


I definitely picked the right ladies for the job.  They were PHENOMENAL! Each one oozes with confidence. 


“I am bold, I am brilliant, I am beautiful” -  Ashley Graham



Noor Aub

Delia Boulton

Emily Gillis

Assa Doukouré

Deena El-Ziftawi

Brenée Hennigar

Kelsey Kennedy

Jamie Smith 



I would also like to take a moment to thank mother nature... November 25th and it was 14 degrees out, with SUN! 


Ladies and gentlemen,


Project Body Positivity:














 Cheers! x




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