One evening when I was driving home from Halifax, I pulled over to get some gas and I checked my phone.  When I went on Instagram, I seen that I received a message from Maggie, she wanted to collaborate with me and do a cool but different shoot.  So obviously I said yes! I just needed some time to think about the idea... 


Earlier in the fall I put out a status on social media asking for names of local makeup artists... And that's how I met Taylor! She ALSO sent me a message on Instagram saying she does makeup and would love to work with me. 


About a month later, the idea came to me when I was at sitting home and seen a commercial of somebody eating a cherry off of an ice cream.  I knew that I could take this idea and make it my own with the help from these two awesome ladies!

Once I had some time to go over my vision, I laid it out for both of them.


Vibrant makeup, that matches the colour of the fruit. Sounds easy right?  


I had to scout out a spot... Which is pretty difficult when you are a natural light outdoor photographer. Luckily, my boyfriend goes to university in the city and he told me that there's an atrium on his campus that is super bright with a sky light window, and white walls.  When I went to go look at this place myself, it was perfect.  We found a big wall, that had a bathroom right beside it.


Day of the shoot:


We claimed our wall

and took over the bathroom


Back and fourth we went, putting makeup on, taking 10 photos, then taking the makeup off, RINSE & REPEAT.




We got what we came for




Makeup - Taylor Olie

Model - Maggie Sutherland




Ladies and gentlemen,
















 Cheers! x






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